The online learning space will serve as a one-stop-shop providing instant access to the full suite of the learning resources, and other OERs that will be identified as useful in the preparation phase. All the material that will be developed during the project’s lifecycle will be uploaded in online learning space in a user-friendly way. The online learning space will host training material in different forms that the VET providers, teachers/trainers, educators, and other relevant stakeholders will be encouraged to access and benefit from in order to learn more about the DigComp framework.

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The toolkit for developing a digital strategy in VET

The GROOVE Toolkit refers to the development of an attractive support package to allow VET providers to reflect on and enhance their digital readiness, being equipped with strategies of improving trainers/teachers’ and learners’ digital skills.

The Digital transformation training Programme for VET providers/trainers

This training will build VET providers’/trainers’ capacities in designing holistic educational programmes that foster learners’ digital skills. The course will be offered in micro-credentials format, and will be easy to store and showcase in the Europass and its digital credentials infrastructure.

Useful Material

In this section, you can find more useful resources to enhance your competence on digitalizing your practices and your organizations’ digitalization strategy.