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Well done on conducting the self-assessment! I prepared for you recommendations for each digital transformation area based on the capacity level of your organisation. You can discuss them with your organisation’s management to identify the most appropriate solutions for your case. Always remember, improvement is an ongoing and collective process.”

The above text is an outcome from the Intelligent Tutor developed to provide recommendations for enhance the digitalisation of your organisation. This smart AI-oriented system was built under the project GROOVE, that aims at building the capacity of VET providers/trainers to digitize, modernize their practices and build VET learners’ digital literacy.

The intelligent tutor will give you step-by-step instructions for preparing a digital action plan based on a self-assessment of your organisation’s digital capacity. Let’s answer the questions below with integrity and honesty, and leave the rest to us. At the end of the assessment, you will be provided with comprehensive recommendations for digital transformation which you can discuss with your organisation’s management.

The intelligent tutor is now an online app/web environment designed to simulate a human tutor’s behavior and guidance. It was designed to provide guidance on the steps to follow in designing a digital action plan for the VET sector, and practical tips for implementation. It consists of a login interface and personalised instructions for preparing a digital action plan based on a comprehensive self-assessment.

Feedback and consultation includes advice on how to improve the digital capacity of the VET organisation in digital strategy, digital teaching, strategy development, use of technology, partnerships, organisation of alternance, infrastructure, digital devices, technical support, sharing experience, CPD opportunities, online educational resources, virtual learning environments, communication with community, addressing students’ needs, fostering creativity, student collaboration, feedback and assessment, self-reflection, safe behaviour, responsibility, and creation of digital content. These cover a broad range of areas that are essential to address within the digital transformation process of VET organisations.

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