The implementation of the GROOVE training in Cyprus

The implementation of the GROOVE training in Cyprus was conducted on Friday, 17th November 2023, brought together VET trainers from Kes College, fostering a focused exploration of digital strategies in vocational education. The session followed a well-structured training that aimed to introduce participants to the project’s goals, develop buy-in for the blended learning components, and provide hands-on activities, such as a digital competence self-reflection spectrum activity and group discussions on the importance of technology in education.

The training involved themes such as defining digital transformation in the VET sector, engaging participants in a group brainstorm to identify the benefits of enhancing digital capabilities in teaching, learning, and administration. Practical activities focused on teaching and student assessment, encouraging participants to formulate SMART digital goals and explore various digital tools. The session concluded with participants enrolling in the learning platform, emphasizing the seamless integration of digital tools in the training process. Overall, the training set a solid foundation for participants to actively engage with digital strategies in vocational education through the online platform.