Newsletter #5


The last three months from September till December, the @GROOVE partners and VET trainers have been embarked on fully activities. Throughout piloting sessions at local level, VET trainers and VET learners delved into a spectrum of crucial topics aimed at enhancing the professional and personal development in digital transformation in VET centres.

During November and December, Groove´s organizations have promoted for the engagement of the VET providers, teachers/trainers, VET organizations and institutions, policymakers in VET education, and VET learners, with the resources developed, they have presented in detail: the Toolkit for developing a digital strategy in VET, the Digital transformation intelligent tutor and online learning space, and the digital transformation training programme.

At the beginning of December, partners joined in Viena for the final management meeting and to have the opportunity to share the feedback from participants in the piloting sessions and promotional events.

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