EUROTraining Spearheads Digital Transformation in VET with Successful GROOVE Project Pilot Program

EUROTraining is proud to announce the successful rollout of its pilot program under the GROOVE project, marking a significant step forward in the digital transformation of Vocational Education and Training (VET). This initiative, developed collaboratively by project partners, has been adequately adapted by our team to meet the specific needs of our participants and local community.

Throughout this journey, our focus has been on equipping VET trainers with the necessary digital skills to navigate and excel in today’s fast-paced educational environment. To achieve this, we utilized the comprehensive toolkit and training package provided by the GROOVE project, customizing the content to resonate with our audience. The toolkit and training modules, including ‘Developing the Organization’s Digital Strategy’, ‘Enhancing the Digital Capacity of VET Trainers’, and ‘Empowering Learners’ Digital Competence’, have been instrumental in our endeavor.

We’ve witnessed a great shift in how digital strategies are perceived and implemented. A notable outcome of our participation in the GROOVE project has been the creation and nurturing of a network of enthusiastic stakeholders. The project has catalyzed a new wave of enthusiasm and commitment towards digital education among educators and policymakers alike. This was especially evident during our multiplier event at the end of November, which followed the pilot trainings in October and mid-November. The event became a dynamic forum for stakeholders to share experiences and discuss the practical application of digital skills in the Greek educational sector.

Throughout this project, several key lessons emerged. We learned the importance of contextualizing digital education strategies to fit the local cultural and educational landscape. Tailoring content to the specific needs of Greek learners and trainers ensures greater engagement and applicability. Additionally, the project highlighted the need for ongoing support and resources to maintain the momentum of digital transformation in education.

Our commitment extends beyond just training. We are dedicated to nurturing a community in Greece where digital learning and teaching are foundational to modern education. The GROOVE project has not only equipped educators with new skills but has also laid the groundwork for continued collaboration and innovation in Greece’s digital education sector.